Research in Political Science

POLS 3600 - Spring 2018

The purpose of this class is to make the student familiar with the basic research techniques employed not only by political scientists, but also many other social science disciplines. In this class, the student will learn how to analyze a variety of quantitative data, prepare graphs and tables to summarize data, and how to utilize and interpret basic statistical techniques up to and including ordinary least squares regression.

Civil Rights & Liberties

POLS 3321 - Spring 2018

This course focuses on the development of constitutional interpretation in certain areas of case law relating to civil rights and liberties. We will utilize a case book approach commonly used in a constitutional law class in law school, although we will make use of additional readings as well. This portion of the class will use the Socratic Method. In addition to learning about constitutional law in general, this approach is designed to expose students to judicial cases in order to understand the legal analyses employed by the Supreme Court within different political contexts.


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